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Detection of basophils and their activation

A rapid increase of patients with allergic hypersensitivity in last two or three generations has become a serious social and economical burden. According to WHO, e.g. the current numbers of asthmatic patients and of patients with food allergy are around 300 million and 250 million, respectively.

How do Mesenchymal Stem Cells work?

Standardized mesenchymal stem cells are essential to carrying out reproducible research. In our detailed blog article you will learn about the importance of MSC characterization (including cell surface antigens), isolation, self-renewal and differentiation. ​​…

Introducing a novel high throughput 3D wound healing model

Non-healing wounds continue to cause significant patient burden. This blog details a novel 3D wound healing model that promises to facilitate the development of new treatments to promote wound healing.

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The in vitro culture of human skin cells is an essential research tool widely used for assaying dermal toxicity, pharmacological testing, and tissue repair. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of primary human dermal cells including keratinocytes, melanocytes, fibroblasts and hair follicle cells to support these research applications.

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