Cell Biologi Products

Cell Analysis
- Cell viability Kits
- Live/Dead cell staining kit
- LDH Cytotoxicity Kit
- Cell signaling assays
- Cell stress and metabolism

- DNA fragmentation detection kits
- Mitochondrial apoptosis staining kit
- Glutathione detection kits
- Annexin V detection kits
- Caspase Kits
- Cathepsin/calpain detection kits
- Kinase detection kits
- Apoptotic cell isolation kit

Fluorescent Labeling
- PromoFluor dyes
- Labeled biotin, Avidin and Streptavidin
- PromoFluor labeled nucleotides
- PromoFluor antifade reagent

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Cell Transfection

- PromoFectin, Promofectin-HUVEC, Promofectin-siRNA
- Magnet assisted transfection (MATra)

Cell Culture Contamination
- PCR Bacteria test kit
- Mycoplasma test kit
- Mycoplasma elimination
- Mycoplasma disinfection